There are no words to describe how much our family will miss Mr. Griff. To many he was this shy, anxious, timid little guy, but to us he was a 8 lb. ball of fur with the heart of gold and personality of a lion. We called him the “powerpoint pooch” because our daughter presented us with a powerpoint presentation on why we needed a little dog. He was a funny little dude that made us all laugh. He went everywhere with me and loved being out on the water, especially perched up on the front of the kayak like a hood ornament. As my loyal my studio partner, he kept me company all day, letting me know when the mail was delivered and got me out of walks when I had designer-block. It is true that dogs serve a purpose, but they also give us purpose. We didn’t get to love him as long as we wanted, but we sure loved him everyday we had him and that’s what we will remember.

RIP Griffin