Today I upgraded with Adobe Software to have constant updates to all my graphics software through “the cloud”. I was hesitant to change. I guess I’m saying that I am an old-school designer…. In general I like the way my computer runs and I know the software and consider myself an expert in my field, but when Adobe and the world goes changing and putting things on clouds, I get upset! I just don’t get it. Everything is in the clouds… pictures, files, software.

My daughter has just finished her science report and I just found out she has been writing and editing everything on this mysterious cloud. She told me this week to “get a grip” and accept the cloud. So I did. I bought into the cloud and I have to say I love it. It worked seemlessly to upgrade software and other than the fact that I’ll be paying for yet another subscription for the rest of my design life, I guess its worth it to be up-to-date and if my 10-year old can visualize and accept a cloud, I will trust her, since our kids accept this tech stuff way easier that us old-timers. Times… they are a changin’