We’re all busy. And if you’re anything like me, you’re trying to juggle all the needs of your work AND family. It’s hard and on top of that, people are always asking for help! Over the years, I’ve taken on really big pro-bono projects, head the parent school boards, ran fundraising campaigns, chaired large community events, organized auctions, not to mention the endless hours of field trips and afterschool clubs. I don’t regret a single moment of any of them, because in every case, I said “yes”. Now that my kids are in highschool, they don’t need you as much and the school doesn’t need you as much, which is nice. However, this is where I get to insert my design help in ways that I want. For the past few years I’ve helped the girls Lacrosse team at Blanchet High School build and market their new team. I love taking photos and helping with their social media and creating memories for parents and players they will have for this fun time in their life. I really enjoy it, and I guess the big lesson I can impart on younger eager parents is to pace yourself. Take on projects that really use your skill-set. Take on things you realistically have time for and want to do. Learn from me not to try and do it all! And know that all that passion and energy will be rewarded when you work on something you really care about.

Just finished up the 3rd season of the Lacrosse 8-page program. It’s not going to win any design awards, but I feel good knowing we’ve created something that at the moment parents and players get it, they are proud and energized about the season ahead of them. And it’s not something just anyone can do, so I figure if we all step up to volunteer at things we’re good at, the jobs will all get filled!