I’ve always said that I should have taught art. I just didn’t realize when I was in art school how much I liked kids. Too bad for me I missed that boat, but I have had the chance to teach art here and there over the years, and now that I have my own kids I get to jump in the art room and help out whenever I want and lead some of the art projects for auction that sells at our annual school auction.

This year, I worked with 5th and 7th grade. Here are the finished pieces before framing:

Sunset At Mt. Shuksan is represented in this grid painting by 7th grade. Students were given a small palette of acrylic paints and a section of the a photograph to paint in their own style. All together, the 25 artist pieces create a beautiful Washington landscape. Original photo on the right by Bruce Heinemann.

This was a challenging project, because not all the kids know how or care about painting, mixed colors. There was some touch up work that had to be done to make it work, but in the end, the finished canvas papers were mounted in a canvas frame giving it some depth and it actually worked pretty well.

SONY DSC 88224_01.tif

As this 5th grade class transforms into middle-schoolers, they explored symmetry, balance and painting with acrylics by creating beautiful butterflies that represent each of their individual and changing personalities. They are “the wings of the future”! 

It’s hard to tell that these butterflies are mounted with craft tape that gives it dimension. It’s framed in a shadow type box and looks great.