I was asked to help build and grow a rewards program for Rubi Micro Café. Our initial focus would be with existing customers in the Northwest where the Rubi Kiosks had collected over 20,000 names in a datebase. Using Mailchimp, I put together a program that filtered the stores and states we wanted to focus on, developed the graphics and maintained the database to mail everyone at the start of the month. The customer had to opt-in to that months program and once they did, they received a welcome email with a reminder of how the program worked. I was able to track who opened the mail, who responded, and at the end of the month give a list of people to the client so they could see who qualified for free coffee. We are in the third month and things are up and running pretty smoothly. There are a few limitations to Mailchimp offerings, but it has done mostly what we need and their tech support has been excellent.