If at first you don’t succeed… try, try again.

If at first you don’t succeed… try, try again.

Posted by on Oct 3, 2016 in Logos, packaging, Web

I’ve been working with skincare guru Diane with SolSea for quite awhile to rebrand her company and skincare product line made from seaweed. She has a farm here in the Northwest and makes everything local. We had a simple plan to redesign the logo and some of the graphics in a effort to launch a […]

Ladywell’s Spa – a barter well worth it!

Ladywell’s Spa – a barter well worth it!

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I’ve been helping the local spa LadyWell’s with some marketing and was asked to put together a series of product labels with an “old apothocary” look and feel. They are making their own scrubs, mists, hair products and lotions. Because this business is stil in it’s early days, I agreed to a barter for services – I […]

Great gift for a graduate

Great gift for a graduate

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Do you know anyone graduating this year? Or maybe next? Well, keep in mind this great idea…. A healthcare kit for kids going off to college. It has everything they need for when mom isn’t there to fix the boo-boo. Small enough that they can keep in their dorm, apartment or car. My client is just […]

Rubi Micro Café

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A new coffee vending machine “Rubi Micro Café” is getting ready to launch and might show up in one your local hangouts soon! This company went through a change of ownership and management as it was about to launch, so I was hired to pick up some of the pieces, revamp the logo and graphics […]

Flip Calendar – beautiful, functional & takes up less space

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I enjoyed putting together this new years gift for RPM – a Direct Marketing Company. It is a 12-month 2014 jewel case flip calendar that was digitally printed. A great idea of any of the time of the year, as you can start from any month and make it go through the end of the next […]

A unique gift idea (if there’s some english blood in you)

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I have done work for Alexandra Immel this year, a talented and fun architect who lives in Seattle. She wanted to create a holiday gift for clients, potential clients, as well as friends and family that was unique to her and perhaps something she could do annually. Her english heritage lead us down the road […]

Food Labels – be different but follow the rules!

Food Labels – be different but follow the rules!

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I can’t wait to see this new label on a jar of the delicious Apple Salsa, made by Clover’s Marketplace! Where better to make Apple Salsa than Wentachee Washington – the apple capital of the world! We had fun creating the wood cut, old school looking label but it was a reminder that beyond the […]

Short Run Candle Labels

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I have a client who has been making candles for several years. They are really nice quality – soy wax and all natural, but in order to get them into natural stores like PCC, she needed a label that was a bit more professional. That said, she didn’t have the budget or need for a […]

Eye catching design for local food truck

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I really enjoy all the restaurant work I’ve been able to do and lately I’ve been working with a few local food trucks. These are the people who set up trailers or truck in your communities and you can stop in, line up and eat right there. They serve everything from  Taco’s and Sushi to […]

Wearables – funny and relatable

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I’m not a huge dessert person, but chocolate is serious weakness for me, so when my good friend and client Wendy Tinker asked me to help with the packaging, wearables and marketing of her new Chocolate and Caramel Business, my answer of course was “yes, as long as I get lots of samples”. For the […]