Advice on volunteering – say “yes” to things you really love to do

Advice on volunteering – say “yes” to things you really love to do

Posted by on Mar 20, 2018 in Events, marketing, Photography, Print, Probono Work

We’re all busy. And if you’re anything like me, you’re trying to juggle all the needs of your work AND family. It’s hard and on top of that, people are always asking for help! Over the years, I’ve taken on really big pro-bono projects, head the parent school boards, ran fundraising campaigns, chaired large community […]

Memorable Photo Auction Piece

Memorable Photo Auction Piece

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I always enjoy working on the school art auction projects. With a daughter in 8th grade, some parents recruited me to help them with a photo idea where the bodies are in the shape of letters. I took the photos from birds-eye view, did some photoshop work and with the help of my wood-working husband, […]

Designing @ the lake – balancing fun and productivity

Designing @ the lake – balancing fun and productivity

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For the first time since becoming a parent over 13 years ago, I have had the past week all to myself while my kids are at a week-long camp. My husband had to work so I thought I’d bring myself down to our cabin to get some word done and some much needed R&R. Like […]

Flip Calendar – beautiful, functional & takes up less space

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I enjoyed putting together this new years gift for RPM – a Direct Marketing Company. It is a 12-month 2014 jewel case flip calendar that was digitally printed. A great idea of any of the time of the year, as you can start from any month and make it go through the end of the next […]

Marketing your sports teams

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I played a lot of sports when I was young, so when the Guyer Wildcats our of Texas asked me work on the graphics for their basketball program, I was delighted. You can get programs and banners printed relatively cheaply now a days, so why not get some fun full color marketing graphics to boost […]

Personalized Calendars – great gift idea… awesome marketing plan!

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It’s calendar season around my office and just a reminder that this can be a great way to market and advertise your company to new and existing customers. I work with a wonderful photographer Bruce Heinemann who pulls all his best work of the year together and create wall and pocket calendars for companies all […]

zenfolio – a great portfolio and blog tool

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I just finished a logo for a photographer in Seattle. For his online portfolio he uses I was able to check it out while updating his logos and was very surprised how user-friendly  the interface was. Low cost, lots of templates to choose from and no prior html experience needed. I recommend if for […]