Event Materials included: Save the Date, Poster, Invite, Registration, Sponsorship Brochure, Powerpoint, Auction Guide & Signage.

One of my long time clients is out to find a cure, and I think they might just do it! My work with JDRF started a long time ago when a client got a job in the Spokane branch and needed help getting some nice new event graphics going for their annual golf and auction fundraiser . Now this successful fundraiser alone has raised over 1 million dollars and about $125,000 each year, thanks to all the wonderful sponsors and participants who keep it going. Most of the money is going straight to research to help find a cure.

The graphics have changed over the years, but one way we have kept design cost down through the bad economy is to use the last years design template and update it with colors and new photos. I developed a brand and logo for the event many years ago, so people recognize it – but when you’re designing and you know the profits are going to a good cause, there are precious dollars that can be saved in the design and printing areas of a large event. It is best to get several bids from printers and mailhouses. Go with reputable companies – there’s nothing worse than missing your mail date due to a miss-printed piece. One thing is for sure, an event is a hard date you can’t mess with, so things have to happen on time.

On a side note – my own family has been personally changed by Type 1 Diabetes, as our youngest daughter’s good little buddy was diagnosed when she was in 1st grade. Until you spent time with a child who lives 24/7 with insulin shots or a pump, you will never know the immense amount of work and stress this puts on that child and family to stay healthy. I am proud of my work JDRF here in Washington and must ask everyone reading how they can help get involved with great companies like JDRF? A few ideas are to sign up for a race or walk to support them and do it as a family or with friends. If you work for a large company, perhaps they would consider sponsoring a JDRF event. Even if you can’t give money, they can usually use volunteers. There is always a way to help.