Anyone who has had a computer die on them with no warning, knows where I have been for the past 2 weeks… that’s right – in living hell. However, I’m happy to report, that while the backup drive had stopped backing up a week before the hard drive failure, I was able to save everything in a slow manual process. I can only say this story has a happy ending because of my amazing tech support help. I was set up with a double backup system from which within a day I was able to be up and running on a loaner computer and then use while I purchased a new system and got it up and running. All of this was pretty complicated and I couldn’t afford to loose any work or more time. It’s not cheap, but every company should put aside tech support help and hire the best. If you live in Seattle and own any Apple products and need tech support, trouble shooting or purchasing advise, Tim Hannon of Sound Support is the person you should call. Tell him CMYKate referred you!