People ask me all the time “How do you make a logo? What is your process?”

I thought it would be fun to track a project from start to end and show how I approach designing a logo.

Initially I thought this logo would be an easy one. I have designed over 100 logos and while none of them have been exactly like the other, I have a process that works. This project was a rebrand for a small construction company. I had done a logo for them 4 years ago and now they were celebrating 10 years. They wanted to change and simplify the name and it seemed pretty straighforward.

Round 1, nothing really clicked for the client. Round 2, had a few ideas to develop. Round 3, scratch everything, back to the drawing board. Round 4, 5 and 6 – I started to zone into some ideas they liked along with a discussion to not change the name. By round 7 we had a direction and a final round to complete the logo! This logo took about 20 hours and a few months to complete. On average, logos take 8-10 hours to complete with 3-4 rounds from concept through completion, however every project is unique and we start with an estimate based on what you are looking for.

While logos are not my most, most favorite thing to design, they usually lead to other projects, so as a freelancer, I always say I’m up for the challenge!