I’ve been working with skincare guru Diane with SolSea for quite awhile to rebrand her company and skincare product line made from seaweed. She has a farm here in the Northwest and makes everything local. We had a simple plan to redesign the logo and some of the graphics in a effort to launch a new website. We were off and running but something didn’t feel right. Sometimes this happens – a road block in design where we just couldn’t get it where she wanted it to go, so we scratched what we started and what had ever been done before and started over. She felt inspired to have something simple but with a lot of flow and color. Dimension without being hard to produce when being used on different marketing materials besides the website. See before, during and final results of this branding exercise. I think the final product really pulls together what her company is all about. Stay tuned for new website coming Fall 2016.

Original Logo:






1st New Logo:







Final Logo: