Favorite quote of last week… “We all find religion when faced with death”. Isn’t that the truth! Last week I said several prayers that my work would be saved from a sudden hard drive failure on my iMac. I had been working remotely and didn’t take my backup with me, so two weeks of work were at jeopardy. I was temporarily relieved to know that I had a backup of all work at home prior to my trip. However  upon arriving home, came to find out my backup might also be failing. More prayers…. Worst case scenerio was a backup of my backup from a year ago, but was sick thinking about the work and photos I might have lost. Waiting…. Praying…. Waiting…. Praying…. In the end, my tech guru was able to salvage the main current backup off the failing drive and get it onto a loaner while my computer is being fixed. The Mac Store was not able to save the two weeks away, but lesson learned and I’m moving on.

So what did I learn?
1. Run two backups and trade them out weekly. Set an alarm to stay on this schedule. If you’re on a Mac, time machine makes it easy.
2. Make sure one of your backups has a full back up of software and work, so that if you need to borrow a computer you can install your system easily and be up and running in a few hours.
3. Use an online service to backup data – this is where you $$$ are living.
4. Make sure you get an accurate estimate on fixing your computer. I didn’t askt he right questions and it cost me double what they first told me since they could only replace the hard drive with an Apple one.
5. If you get the forbidden circle on your start up (circle with a line through). Back up immediately and get it into the shop – this is the start of quick downwards slope to HD failure. And if your backup drive is making noises or giving any error signs, it’s time to replace or get it looked at. You can’t rely on something that is broken.
6. Prayer works.