I was lead co-ordinator for our auction art projects this year and the big night is next week. I also took on working on my daughter’s 7th grade project and chose to do a few Little Free Libraries. It’s a differnt kidn of art project for the kids and parents to buy, but I love the idea of these little libraries around our neighborhood to share books. I know I love to read and love to pass along books when I’m done. Turns out this is a world-wide org with 32000 libraries around the world! You can register and get on the map if you’re interested. Check out littlefreelibrary.org

For the project, my husband built us 2 similar shells. 7th grade was split into 2 groups for the planning and concept stage of what the hosues might look like. We had to simplify their ideas but tried to keep the general theme of what they wanted.


Black and Neon (on left) and Brass roof Beach house (on right)

The house to the left is called Black and Neon. The kids painted a 4×4 neon nameplate in neon tempura paint. I outlined in black acrylic pens to give it the art deco look and used outdoor mod podge to give it a protection layer for weather. After the house was stained black, I glued all plates to the sides and put on 2 coats of polyurethane paint to protect the whole house and nameplates. We used corregatd metal room and plexi-glass door.



The house to the right was meant to look at first like a treehouse, but it came together more like a beachhouse. My friend took on working on this one and did an amzazing job! The theme of the auction is Van Gogh’s Starry Night, so the colors follow that theme and then metal roof tiles are embossed in blass by each student with their name and either beach picture or starry night picture. You just use a ball point pen to draw emboss the metal. The kids all did a design on tissue paper and then flipped it over and traced right onto their metal.


Example of embossed brass metal

Here is a quick look at all the projects this year! 5 framed peices, 2 tiled mirrors, 1 table, 1 bench and 2 free libraries.