I believe art can make a difference in the world. It can be fun and therapeutic, thoughtful and political and an escape that expands you mind and explores feelings. The great thing about art is it can create change in our community. The other great thing is, anyone can do it. We often think “I”m not artisitc” or “I used ot do that when I was young” – and it’s true that children offer up masterpieces without fear or judgement, but adults can too and it can be fun.

I have partnered with the Dear Edmonds Card Campaign to create a sister campaign in my own neighbordhood of Ballard, Seattle. The goal of “Dear Ballard” is to have people make and submit 250 cards this summer. In the fall we will sell them and give 100% of the proceeds to two non-profits – The Ballard Food Bank and ACLU Washington. We launch on the solstice – Saturday June 20th and end on Labor Day – September 7th, 2020.

My daughter Maya who will be a Senior in high school next year has joined me on this journey as a summer senior project to help others. It was fun bulding the website and  we’ve had fun making some cards and now excited to see what people create and who we can help. You can learn all about the details and mission of this campaign, as well as follow all of our news on our website at dearballard.com or on our facebook page.

I challenge anyone who reads this to think about making a card. Break out of your box. Try something you haven’t done in awhile. Art is fun and in this campaign, ART = CHANGE!

See all the wonderful samples and submisssion at our online gallery!