I have recently joined a BNI group. This was an effort to get out my little studio, do something for myself both personally and professionally not related to my children, as well as hopefully gain some new clients too!

BNI = Business Network International (www.bninw.com). Kind of sounds like a pyramid scheme, but the basic idea is simply to pass referrals of other companies and in return they pass you on a referral as they get to know you.

What I’m already getting out of the group are things I didn’t even expect…. Public speaking experience, presentation skills, compliments on my design work for both quality and quantity (I forget myself how long I’ve been doing this!) and a chance to really form a path of the new kinds of clients I really want to work with. That said, the greatest gift I’ve gotten is that I’m also helping all of my fellow BNI companies (from the web programmer to the house painter to the insurance guy) find business – known as “givers gain”. Some might call it karma, higher power or the universe boomerang theory, but it’s the feeling that when you do something nice for someone else in an authentic way, you will be taken care of or that it will come back to you in an even bigger way.

So I was chosen to read something to my BNI group about “givers gain” next week, and I must give SalesMercs.com complete credit for their simple thoughts below. It’s a good rule in general and a nice reminder:

Sales Passion… Givers Gain!

Have you ever wondered why some people seem more lucky than others? Have you ever been pissed that others attract more people than you? There has got to be a reason…

First – The definition of Luck = When action meets opportunity.

Second – People that help other people every chance (they get) almost always come out on top. I am amazed by the simple gestures of holding a door for someone, returning a lost wallet (with the $$ still inside), and or giving someone a referral produces 2 things… First, the feeling that the person on the receiving end of your kindness is compeled to recipricate; and second, you create a positive thoughts/feelings about your self image.

Homework – Make at least one person smile today; do a favor for someone but do not expect anything in return.

Please pass this along. Random acts of kindness as well as givers gain can be contagious.