Non Profit Design

CMYKate Designs is comitted to working with non profit companies that make a postive impact on our community. Over the past 20+ years, CMYKate has helped dozens of non profits create successful fundraising campaigns, design memorable event materials, produce educational programs and marketing materials to spread awareness for each companies mission.
My goal in 2020 is to add 3 non profits to my project board! I love working with small local companies and my passion is focused on working with women, children and the underprivileged. Another area I have been focused on is working with non profit foundations focused on healthcare.

I do some probono work each year and I offer a discounted rate to non profits for those who have a small marketing budget. Outside of work, I volunteer with a homeless shelter and foodbanks. Our community needs a lot of help, so I try find small needs to fill. Kate Rappé, CMYKate Designs