I am asked several times a year to work on pro-bono projects. I also do a lot of design work for my kids school. Being a designer comes in handy and I do love to help people, but it can also suck up a lot of hours I might be doing a paid project or something away from work and the computer with my family, so I try to pick those projects carefully.

Last spring I was asked to work on a prayer booklet honoring John Paul II. It ended up being 36 pages and translated in Polish. We digitally printed several hundred copies at a cost of about $2 per book. The organization is able to sell them for about $7, so a nice little profit! I had the chance to work with an amazing woman – Sister Giovanni, who I admire and personally learned so much from in the process of the project. Sometimes, these projects to do come to us for a reason – dare I say… a higher power? In this case, I was glad I took the time to grow both as a designer and in my faith.

Size: 5.5×4.25, Full Color: Digital Run