nwBuilt is a local construction company and I get to help them with all kinds of jobs. Brought on to design a logo and build a brand for their marketing pieces a few years ago, I also consulted on the website and acted as project manager to all the moving pieces of this small successful company. nwBuilt uses social media to spread the word about properties that are being built or ready to sell – an obvious platform that works well. This winter, it was fun to promote an exciting event about saving a home in Ballard. Instead of tearing down this little house to build something new, nwBuilt worked with a real estate company to find a buyer. After lots of prep, in the middle of the night, the house was moved by truck to a barge, and then by barge to Lopez island. Our social media efforts got the attention of My Ballard who wrote two great articles on the whole process:
House to be Moved Article
House Transported Article