“Success doesn’t just come and find you, you have to go get it!”

For over 20 years my business has depended on solid referrals. Word of mouth marketing is the easiest, cheapest way to get leads on new clients. So I was very excited to join a referral group called Rain City Referrals. The concept of the group is to refer each others businesses to each other and our network for friends and collegues. We meet once a week at breakfast and pass referrals, listen to a speaker, laugh a lot, generate ideas for potential clients through a mini-commercial for our business. Our group is at 20 members: Architect, Interior/Exterior Painter, Lawyer, Sales, Banker, Acupuncture, Winder Cleaner, Real Estate, Electrician, Chiropractor, General Contractor/Tile Specialist, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Insurance, Massage, Video, Financial Planner, Accounting.

Logo for our group










Revised Logo and Angie’s List Ad for Emerald Isle Tile


Business Cards for Center for Whole Body Wellness and Margaret Berman

cardsOpen House Flyer for Emerald Isle Tile

emerald isle flyer final