I feel like I really do (for the first time in a long time) have 2020 vision. Anyone who knows me, knows I  actually have terrible eyesight, but the feeling clarity about work, life, health and purpose is really happening, as it often does at the beginning of a new year. This year being a new decade has me reflecting on the last 10 years of work and feeling so grateful. And looking ahead makes me so excited for the next chapter.

Over the past 10 years, I have helped so many friends bring their companies to fruition. Some have stuck around, others have merged into different ventures and a few have closed down. Its the natural flow of business, but the other day I had a long list of jobs to complete and every single one of them was a good friend of mine. Not just a client, but a legit friend I love hanging out with, have raised my kids with… my squad. Made me realize how lucky I am to not just rely on awesome referrals from existing clients and business groups I’m part of, but that my own friends hire and support me in my creative journey. So awesome. I’m humbled and truely grateful for this work and all the referrals that continue to be passed on – it’s the only way I’m still in business 22 years later. I guess you really could say it’s a beautiful day in the neigborhood.

This past year had some ups and downs personally, but ended on a pretty high note for both work and family. I have a puppy keeping me company and getting me out of the studio to dust off and refresh through the day. And after tallying up jobs and clients I was surprised to see that last year I had 28 new clients and 156 projects. Whoa, what??? Crazy but so cool. Again, honored and thankful to be part of each companies path.

Looking forward…. I have one kid off to college and another busy finishing high school, encouraging them to find in life what makes them happy, makes them tic, so they can find their calling. I’m so glad I love what I do after all these years and I’m looking at more time on my schedule, so what do I want to do with that? Good question. I hope to dedicate time to working with more non-profits, making little changes in the world where I can to help companies making a bigger impact than I am able to on my own. Being part of these organizations as I’ve gotten older fills me with purpose and possability in this changing modern era. So, to keep it simple, my 2020 vision – my personal motto of the year is to “make each day count”. I challenge everyone who reads this to think about their next decade, their purpose and what makes them happy.

Just a few projects for friends in the hood: