You could call me a stuff maker, but that’s not fair because I don’t really make the stuff, I just design, manage and help get it printed for clients. That said, there’s a big market for SWAG because everyone likes their gear… be it the new Seahawks sweatshirt, a school duffle bag or a new hat for a company. I help clients create a proud and simple marketing piece that they can wear to promote their services. This has also turned into a great way to create gifts for companies that then go onto market further. Most of what I produce is either silkscreened or embroidered on some type of wearable – hats and shirts being the most popular but bags, aprons, teatowels and other items are all examples of creative SWAG. I have relationships with vendors, so if the process of getting items ordered is overwhelming, please contact me, so you can get your SWAG ASAP! Here are just a few examples: