I’m always thrilled when a friend comes to me and says “I’m starting a company – will you design my logo?”

Joel Niemeyer, longtime IT guy, friend and Ballard resident decided it was time to try something new in his life, so he’s taken his high tech expertise and putting it to good work for the small companies in the world. If you or someone you know needs help building, developing or maintaining a website, especially WordPress, give him a jingle or find him at sunsethillwebconsulting.com

When we begun the process of designing a logo, he didn’t have any ideas off the top of his head, but rather that he’s like to reflect more him and the area we live than just high tech web junkie. Sunset Hill is the name of our little area of Ballard, located in Seattle that faces the beautiful westward views of Puget Sound. I went to work and my process on this job was like any other… Sketch a few ideas, look for fonts that fit the name and industry, start to pull together any ideas that tie the person to the function of the company and think about colors. It’s typical to come up with 6-10 concepts on the first draft of a logo. And with this one, we narrowed quickly to 3. From there, I explored some font and color changes and we landed with our finalist. Next steps… implementing the colors and logo into the website and getting him a business card to through around!