A lot of my clients like to design their own marketing materials. It’s fun to be creative and if you have an idea, sometimes its easier to do it yourself than spend the time explaining it to someone else. This works a lot of the time, especially internal web and powerpoint projects where you don’t need experience or knowledge image resolution, layout programs, file prepress and the CMYK printing process.

I was recently working with one of my clients at Carrot Medical who was going to a tradeshow and needed a brochure that they were proud to hand out. The budget was limited, so they put together the concept and majority of the content together in a Word Doc and passed it off to me. I have developed their brand, so I had all of their existing graphics, but in just a few short hours I was able to create a full color, full bleed 11×17 brochure. We edited and then digitally printed it in a few days, so they had it for their event.