Sometime my clients don’t want to design something new from scratch. In the case of “City Kitty”, they have 15 years of success as a cat groomer with an image that had meaning but wasn’t well done or in any kind or electronic format that made it easy to reproduce. They also felt that the logo was flat and the elements disconnected. The owner of City Kitty was from Hawaii, so having some flowers in there were a must. The picture of the cat was one of her beloved cats and the typeface she felt was the one consistent thing she used from day 1. So with those things to work with, I redrew the cat as more of a graphic drawing and added the color, redrew new colorful flowers and positioned the type and tagline so they were readable, sizable and in better ratio to the illustration, making the whole logo usable in many applications. I look forward to creating a lot of fun marketing materials and her website to match this updated look!