People always say “cute business name”. And I always say thank you, realizing they probably have no idea what it means. When people know what it means, I get “clever name – you a designer?” or “haha, CMYK, you must be in the print business”.

It took me a long time to realize people usually see: SEE MY KATE
When infact, it is a reference to the 4 color printing process an a nick-name that I got in design school when we pulled an all-nighter.



C: Cyan
M: Magenta
Y: Yellow
K: Black (K is used because the “B” is used for Blue in the RGB world)

Tiny dots of these 4 colors make up the printed images you see in every newspaper and magazine around the world. If you use a small magnifier called a loop and look at a magazine, you can see the dots that make up every image. At the printer the paper goes through the press 4 times to lay down dots of each color, that are lined up in exact registration to create each image.